Month: November 2010

Muse this, Euripides.

Given the tragic realism of my dreams, I am certain Euripides would have appreciated my services as his muse. With the rhythmic strokes on my lyre, I could have sung some reason into his writing … “Another leap of faith? Really?” “Seriously, it ends like that…again?” “Yes, I understand the

Hairy Coconut Coffee Balls – A bit of childish humor for confection

See the full gallery on Posterous Have you ever tried homemade Coconut Balls? They are amazing! They are also the second varietal in this year’s chocolate ball extravaganza! Also known as Swedish Coconut Balls, this easy, no-bake recipe has fondly been re-dubbed, “Hairy Coconut Coffee Balls.” Yes, I am the only female

Notes to self – Nov. 27

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Silver & Blue Bourbon Balls – A bit of Nevada spirit

See the full gallery on Posterous Spent the day with my mom. We relished yesterday’s meal, drank smoothies, folded laundry, and considered the pending Nevada v. Boise State football game. My folks are big Nevada fans. Best of all, we made Mrs. B’s fabulous bourbon balls. (We doubled the recipe

No Fuss and Feathers: A lesson in low altitude cooking for the visiting flock

See the full gallery on Posterous How was your Thanksgiving? Our meal was sumptuous and the company divine. My husband ran the kids ragged at the park. My mom and I prepared the meal and shared good (and bad) memories. We charted out a schedule for the preparation of our basic meal. We

Mr. & Mrs. B’s Bourbon Balls—a recipe for fun and friendship.

Growing up, I remember all the yummy, tasty gifts that would arrive during the holiday season. You know, trays of treats and canisters of confections that friends of the family would deliver while spending some time visiting with the folks. One family in particular, the B’s, always brought over Panettone and

Desert Snowscape

‘Tis the season! Now Imagine your insides turning to ice as the wind whips through the desert valleys. Joy. —- Sent from my iPad

Had a really tough day. Now trying to relax.

Today was tough. It started out great for a Monday). Then…I won’t even try to blog about it. I’m letting go of the stress and the guilt. I just need to relax. —– Sent from my iPad

When the birds flock south for the dinner…

Like many families, I used to love the tradition of the extended family flocking to one house for the annual feast. Since all the kids and cousins have flown the coop and have families of our own, the tradition of the big gathering has gone the way of birds. That

The cat has poise.

Notes posted the morning after: I doodled this on my iPad in bed last night. My son wanted me to sketch our fish tank and five fish. I wanted to follow the D’Blogala prompt “poise.” In the end, I picked the big fish that rules the tank, Clark (a girl, but

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