Day Six. How did you greet the day?


Day Six. I slept until 10 this morning! First time since, let’s say, four pregnancies ago. The house is too quiet. I can only hear Thing 1 as he pops, jumps and prattles on about something. Why am I up? Let’s see…whoa! Obviously, I’m not looking down. I just tripped over a big pile of laundry on the way to the shower. Thinking. Ouch. Daddy took Thing 2 to the chess tournament. Craving coffee.  Dirty laundry seems to wave at me through the shower window. Pivot to wash face and relive burdened vision. Caffiene. Rinse. Dry. Where are my favorite do-nothings?  Mm-mm…I really love my brown velor leggings and hoodie. Good morning, Thing 1! Hi, mommy! I’m building a shield. Leave me alone. Do you want breakfast? No, I’m building a shield. I’ll be downstairs. Sure you don’t want something? No. I’ll let you know when I get hungry. Brew coffee. Banana? Yes, banana! Where’s the laundry basket? I have four of them…found ‘em! Full? All four? Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. Clean! Haul them upstairs. Dump, fill and drag back downstairs. Really! How can there be so much laundry? There are only four of us. Most of it smells like snips, snails and puppy dog tails. Hmpf. Fold now? No way. Back downstairs. Boot up the laptop. Plug in the iPad. Wait! What’s missing? Coffee, brown sugar, milk. Yes! Swirl, savor the flavor.  Log on. Post, post, post. Blog? Sure. What?! There’s no prompt on NaBloPoMo today (or tomorrow)? Crikey. What am I going to write about? Hmm…Day Six.

National Blog Posting Month graphic courtesy oNaBloPoMo.

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