The Sacrifice of Spirit and the Reverie of Life: My karmic dance of self


I’ve had some difficulty focusing for this blog post. The writing prompt on NaBloPoMo was “What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever made for another person? Was it worth it?” Alternatively, the prompt on D’Blogala was “reverie.” I wonder which can inspire…Ding!

Wait! I’ve got to get that load of wash into the dryer. That has got to be the third or fourth load today. How can boys generate so much dirt? Do they realize how much time it takes to…Stop it!

Got to get my thoughts back on track. What’s my motivation for today’s blog-each-day-for-a-month challenge? Let’s see, there are so many sacrifices I’ve made. (No, not actual sacrifices, Mom.) Wow!

I love my mom! Now, that’s a woman who has probably sacrificed tremendously for another person. Probably more than one–me, my brother, and my sister. Gotta call sis again. Geez! To the end of my days, I will be amazed at her ability to focus. She’s so unplugged. Got to get her to try e-mail more often though. Sure, I could unplug, get focused, relax, plan meals, go to the gym, unearth my cello…Not!

It’s not like I have time to lay around all day. The kids, the job, the hubby–they all need a piece of me with all sorts of activities and schedules to maintain. Whoops!

Did I take my vitamins? I wonder how my blood-work turned out? My throat feels weird. Hard to swallow sometimes. These cold smoothies really do sooth it though. Can’t drink them too fast or I’ll get a brain freeze. Ouch! This headache has been a pain lately. Of course, I could try some aspirin. I should probably try to get an appointment in before the holiday season…Crikey!

There is that box of holiday cards from last year. Still full. Hmpf. That’s not good. Must find time to write people this year. I’ll move that box to the top of that pile, so I can see it. Not out of sight. Not out of mind…Geez!

My desk is truly a mess. How can we have so many notepads? I’ll just bunch those up and stuff them back in this drawer…Aha!

There’s that Cowboy Mouth disc! I really had a blast dancing to LeBlanc’s frenetic energy. What a great way to end a day at Jazz Fest! Oh, how I would love to escape again for a carefree weekend. Good music, good friends, good times. Of course, I’ve got to lost this weight first. I’ve just got to let it go!

That’s it! The biggest sacrifice I’ve made? My carefree spirit! It seems so superficial to say the day after Veteran’s Day and all. Yet, it is what it is. I sacrificed independence for my family. I gave it up in a karmic balancing act involving four high-risk pregnancies, two caesarian deliveries, and ten years of…Ding!


A dear friend from back in the day recently sent me this photo (1985?) . I hardly recognized myself but definitely remember my spirit.

3 responses to “The Sacrifice of Spirit and the Reverie of Life: My karmic dance of self”

  1. It’s nice to see that even though you feel that you have lost your independence, you aren’t bitter about it at all. I think you’ve actually gained from it. 🙂


  2. Thanks, Rammi! Did you get your computer back? Saw your post.


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