Communication Difficulties: Learning to live & cope from early childhood


It is a simple truth that I am the most difficult person I’ve ever known and for reasons only my son can truly understand. So, for the both of us, I will try my best to communicate and fulfill the following sentiments everyday…

“Life is a journey complete with starts and stops. You can survive the rough roads. You can cope with the inevitable, unplanned turns. You can choose to accept those who differ from you. You can take breaks from time to time. You are as smart as the others (if not smarter). You can focus and understand. You will make a positive impact in other people’s lives. You are loved.”

My son can build anything with incredible symmetry. I took this photo when he had just turned five years old. This was his least interesting creation that day.

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3 responses to “Communication Difficulties: Learning to live & cope from early childhood”

  1. Gregory Noble Dow Avatar
    Gregory Noble Dow

    Nice work Mama!!!! I love playing with magnets…look up neocube .com thats what I play with..or they call them bucky stuff 🙂


  2. Thanks and thanks for the tip, Greg!


  3. Just tonight my eight-year old son ran to the computer when he saw this picture. He read the post and then said, “I wasn’t five years old when I did that!” I showed him the date of the photo file and pointed out the year as 2007. I asked him what year it was now. He then counted his fingers and said, Oh. Okay. Mom, I have to go finish my homework.”


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