Silver & Blue Bourbon Balls – A bit of Nevada spirit

Spent the day with my mom. We relished yesterday’s meal, drank smoothies, folded laundry, and considered the pending Nevada v. Boise State football game. My folks are big Nevada fans. Best of all, we made Mrs. B’s fabulous bourbon balls. (We doubled the recipe and used what my husband had of some old bourbon. The rest was straight rye.) In the end, I tickled my mom with the fancy toppings in her team colors—silver and blue crystallized sugars. Go Pack!

2 responses to “Silver & Blue Bourbon Balls – A bit of Nevada spirit”

  1. Steph, tell me again who Mrs. B is. I think I know who you are talking about.


  2. I’ll e-mail you the name. I am not posting her real name online. Thanks for your patience.


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