Notes to self – Nov. 27


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3 responses to “Notes to self – Nov. 27”

  1. Love it! I think I could stand to follow some of these… I find myself cutting people off in conversation way to much and ti drives ME nuts, so I know the other person must be going crazy as well.


  2. I drive myself crazy when I interrupt others. It’s almost compulsive as my mind spins around all the details presented while listening. My brain zings around to consider everything from the topic, syntax used, and even the setting of the discussion. I end up interrupting in an effort to get past all the annoying variables. My twist of thoughts then transfers to my tongue. What makes me feel even worse is that the speaker(s) have no idea why I’m so rude or why my speech patterns do not follow any known grammar rules.


  3. Great list! Although I don’t know that babbling is always such a bad thing. I’m not a very good talker so I tend to like being with babblers! BTW, I found you through NaBloPoMo.


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