Muse this, Euripides.


Given the tragic realism of my dreams, I am certain Euripides would have appreciated my services as his muse.

With the rhythmic strokes on my lyre, I could have sung some reason into his writing …

“Another leap of faith? Really?”
“Seriously, it ends like that…again?”
“Yes, I understand the plot device.”
“But some may believe it’s possible.”
“You ought to clear your head. You need a fresh perspective on things.”
“Get out of this cave, and take a walk in to Peristeria.”
“Stop thinking about what Aeschylus would have done.
“Take it easy on the retsina.”

Of course, this entire scenario would have been a real tragedy.

Today’s topic courtesy of National Blog Posting Month: “If you could have worked for anyone in history, in your field, who would you choose and why?”

Photo of garden muse taken in my mom’s backyard.

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