Month: December 2010

Swimming for speech.

My linguistic liberties bloom at depths beneath the weight of expectation. Many never emerge past the sound of silence. Impatient or intolerant, listeners often deny and question their beauty. Sadly, my thoughts often disperse with the departing audience. My jaw tenses with continued temperance. Created in OmniSketch and Sketchbook Pro

Celestial bodies of peace.

Within (and without) my body, my soul reflects as many forms of art as my life encompasses. Celestial bodies of peace may found during this continuing search for truth. May you find yours. Briefly (and for clarity)–it is what it is. I created this in Adobe Illustrator earlier today after

Desert Dreams: A glimpse at Prosty’s “derivative work” and her struggle with overexposure.

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10 Things To Know About Me…

10 Things To Know About Me… Preposterous! A great declarative statement if ever there was! (I am easily entertained.) My imagination truly does overshadow the bigger picture of reality. Pessimistic. As I believe human beings are inherently good, I know that society demands otherwise. Permissive. Unbound by so many social

Synapses swirl. Senses sparkle. Steph sings. No, not really.

Synapses swirl. Senses sparkle. Seasons greet a replenished spirit. In the spirit of renewal and rebirth, my heart swells three sizes too big. Will this season create more divide or bring more together? Sent from my iPad

A posterous pause.

There are times when my brain just needs to pause. Times when the lobes need lubricating. Thoughts begin to sputter. Saturday’s post was a glaring sign. Then Sunday’s post never made it past the grey matter. Mind now only for my family, work, and soul. Anything more right now seems

A memory flits …

A drawing, “A memory flits,” by Steph Abbott is attached. This image was created with the Paintbook app for iPhone/iPad. Sent from my iPad

Drawing — “My flip side. “

A drawing, “My flip side, ” by Steph Abbott is attached. [Note from the morning after: Our family went to a friend’s house for dinner. I was so tired. I could only draw but not think to write.]   This image was created with the Paintbook app for iPhone/iPad. Sent

“The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done.”

I live with passion and conviction. When asked what was the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done, I state simply “social networking.” It is also the the most liberating thing I’ve done. And I’ve already been through open heart surgery. —- A drawing “The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done.”

‘Tis the season sing, share, give, and to blog with zeitgeist!

December 1. The first day of the twelfth month. Thirty-one days to the next year. Is it the beginning of the end? It’s definitely the first day of the rest of my life. It’s also the day after participating in National Blog Posting Month. Why not do it again? To try

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