Thirty Days Of Blogging Culminates in Warm, Fuzzies & Victory Dance


Thirty days ago, I took on a personal challenge to blog at least once a day for the entire month of November. A lofty goal for a gal who struggles to clean dishes seven days in a row. Or more aptly, for someone who fails to cook dinner every night.

My greatest fear? What would be the topic of each post? Would I pick 30 different topics? Would I serialize one topic into 30 chapters? Would anyone else really care?

For those that have seen any of my posts, you may have noticed they were not serialized. Most were short with an accompanying picture or illustration. Some were presented entirely by illustration. Following a prompt, each topic seemed random and without relation to any current events or with historical significance. That was achieved with great purpose.

I followed the prompts provided by the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) site or D’Blogala, in honor of National Nonstop Journaling Month (NaNoJouMo). Although, during the holiday weekend, my posts seem to be infused with harvest, hearth and heritage. The culimination of my month-long effort? A warm and fuzzy feeling of personal satisfaction. I dance in victory! Yippee!


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2 responses to “Thirty Days Of Blogging Culminates in Warm, Fuzzies & Victory Dance”

  1. YAY for you … SO proud!!!


  2. I’m so glad you joined in with NaBloPoMo!! Its been fun following your posts and seeing your creativity! Blogging each day for 30 days was a challenge, but we did it! I did a happy dance last night, too. 🙂


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