‘Tis the season sing, share, give, and to blog with zeitgeist!

December 1. The first day of the twelfth month. Thirty-one days to the next year. Is it the beginning of the end? It’s definitely the first day of the rest of my life. It’s also the day after participating in National Blog Posting Month.

Why not do it again? To try to win a cool prize, of course! Seriously, While I didn’t win a prize for making a daily post last month, I found joy as my creative spirit started to spread it’s wings.

Zeitgeist. Join me in my second step toward taking flight on this zeitgeist. How? Follow along in my December flight through National Blog Posting Month. I shall try my best to follow the theme for the month. Wish me luck, visit my page once and awhile, and cheer on all the NaBloPoMo enthusiasts!

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