Month: January 2011

Liberty Mourns

It is a sad day in the Southwest. Ugh. — Sent from my iPad   © 2009-2011 Steph Abbott Says/Stephanie Abbott – All Rights Reserved

Ring, ding, chime, pfitt, buzz, hum, rattle, zip! Ugh.

It’s amazing how much can be heard through the din of our daily, electronic chaos. Unfortunately, the rich depth and quality of that content is obscured by the din. Ring, ding, chime, pfitt, buzz, hum, rattle, zip! Ugh. Lost in the rush and stress of life, my thoughts rumble and prattle

This gal’s control–a simple door.

What’s the most useful tool to successfully complete a project by the scheduled date? A door. No. It’s not a riddle. It’s simply my barrier of choice. Music provides walls a of a sort as well. However, it also provides rythym for my feet…which then begin to walk…away from my

Letters for friends–a resolution in focus.

It’s only Day 5 in my Five Goals for January, and my ability to keep a resolution seems to be about as possible my 8 year old’s ability to ignore the toy section at the store. Possible but unlikely. Neither of us can maintain any measure of reasonable impulse control.

Float. Change. Fly.

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Here. It. Comes. Float. Change. Fly. —– Created in Sketchbook Pro. Inspired by the economy. Sent from my iPad.

Day 3. Resolution be damned.

  He plays coy, but I know his true nature. Bold with an earthy edge, a smack of brown sugar, and a milky finish. He is mine. Resolution be damned.

Sunday Sleigh Ride—the unexpected delight.

  Sundays in the southwest rarely include a sleigh ride. How did it happen? Without much thinking. I was barely awake, my husband preoccupied with the paper, but the boys were determined to go sledding.Daddy was determined not to spend money. I sniffed, coughed, and said, “Don’t worry they’ll get

Day 1: Focus.

FOCUS. That’s the word I have chosen to guide me through life, love and laundry during the 365 days of 2011. It is also something I never saw clearly in 2010. Focus on exercise, tea, friends, love and blogging. A FEW STRAY NOTES TO SELF. Hindsight may not always be

What a year! What’s that? It was lame? Right. Okay. I hear you. Five by five, my friends.

Looking back, I feel as if I spent the past year inactive, over-stimulated, depressed, tired and repressed. I’m not going to wallow in the waste gone by. I am going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and take the first step towards becoming more active yet less stimulated. I’ll

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