Ring, ding, chime, pfitt, buzz, hum, rattle, zip! Ugh.


It’s amazing how much can be heard through the din of our daily, electronic chaos. Unfortunately, the rich depth and quality of that content is obscured by the din.

Ring, ding, chime, pfitt, buzz, hum, rattle, zip! Ugh.

Lost in the rush and stress of life, my thoughts rumble and prattle unmoderated. 

Take a deep breath and relax. Ah.

4 responses to “Ring, ding, chime, pfitt, buzz, hum, rattle, zip! Ugh.”

  1. You can completely do away with the electronic noise if you so desire. I have done so.


  2. So true. I could just dash it all. Hmm.


  3. This post was inspired by something I wrote yesterday for the life-streaming blog, the3six5. Following their rules, I had to wait until the end of the day and then write about my it. As it is for my schedule, I had spent the day chasing deadlines, responding to e-mails, writing and answering phone calls. Then my son returned from school, himself a popping and whizzing spectacle smelling of snips, snails and puppy-dog tails.As such, my brain was overstimulated. I couldn’t think straight, and the editors were e-mailing me frantic as their posting deadline loomed.I am not bummed that the world didn’t see the best in my writing. I’m thinking the world was supposed to see my day.Here’s the post: http://the3six5.posterous.com/january-7-2010-steph-abbott.


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