Assembled and Ready to Glide


Out of shape and fretting over funds, I purchased a ride-at-home-some-assembly-required elliptical machine. Behold—The Contraption.

The kit arrived via mail-order with few—yet very specific—assembly instructions. The narrow box contained little more than a simple frame, a couple cables and a small computer. The wrappers crinkled as the project tread toward completion. Built with 17 screws, 16 bolts and 16 washers, assembly lasted 57 minutes from package to parade.

Now ready to stride, I am juiced to glide past another boring day.


This afternoon, I actually did assemble The Contraption; however this post was stylized to follow two prompts. Starting with, I developed a base in their 60 second challenge to write about the word, “specific.” I took that concept and filled the rest in following NaBloPoMo’s prompt, “Write a post using the following words: placate, boring, solitary, crinkle, and juice.” I created The Contraption in Photoshop.

© 2011 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.


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