Spring cleaning tends to evoke my imagination.


Sweeping and scrubbing away the past, my spring cleaning has an audience of two. Striving to understand my aggressive stroke, they consider my folly.


“Serene and able lady with your mopping,

Lovingly regard me with compassion free of care.

Bless me so the aims of all my prayers,

This season will follow without dusty obstacles.”


“Yeah, yeah, Tara. She needs dust us more often. I get it,” says Spiderwoman. “But does she have to be so hard on the dust bunnies?!”



Tonight’s post was inspired by the writing prompt from OneWord.com. I had 60 seconds to write about the word “audience.” I captured the rest of my cleaning crew with my Kodak EasyShare Z7590. © 2011 Steph Abbott. All rights reserved.


One response to “Spring cleaning tends to evoke my imagination.”

  1. […] P.S.S. You may recognize the photo of Spider Woman and Lakshmi. I found them hanging out and captured the moment for a past blog post. See at https://stephabbottsays.com/2011/03/28/spring-cleaning-tends-to-evoke-my-imagination/. […]


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