Samantha Shows Up: And Fred Says, “Huh.” (Chapter 2)


Staring at the young man behind the counter, the woman struck a pose and tapped her flowered shoes. Getting no further response, she pursed her wine marked mouth, muttered something unintelligible, pivoted and strode out the door.

Exhaling, the guy leaned back and considered the woman’s odd request (and her funny shoes), then muttered, “Huh.”

Just then, a lithe grey cat jumped on the counter and said, “Mawwr?”

“What-the?!” gasped the guy.


“Listen,” the guy said. “Cats aren’t allowed in here, so get going.” Arms extended, he flicked his wrists and said, “Run along, kitty.”

Sitting down, the feline simply cocked its head and considered the young man with calm green eyes.

The man, thinking he could catch the woman looking for her cat, ran out onto the sidewalk. Turning in every direction, he didn’t see the woman.

Returning, he looked around the empty café he said to his unexpected visitor, “Seriously. You can’t be here. You’re like a walking health violation.”

The cat padded over to the display case and rubbed its chin against the corner. 

Watching and enthralled, the worker addressed the cat, “What? You want some food?” Realizing his folly, he shook his head and said, “Of course you’re hungry.”

Lifting its head, the cat mewed again, “Mawwr?”

The worker reached for a plate, grabbed a scone and crumbled off a few pieces. Leaning back, he watched the cat nearly inhale the raisin scone.

Fascinated by his afternoon visitors, he considered the woman’s original inquiry.  The woman with the funny shoes was looking for her cat. Moments later a cat shows up. He then considered his unlikely customer.

“So, you wouldn’t happen to be named Sailor would you?”

Unfazed, the cat continued to eat.

Glimpsing a shiny tag, the young man noted a gently worn red nylon collar dangling while the cat ate.

When the cat was done, the young man said, “Okay, let me just see who you really are.” He reached down, gently lifted the shiny, engraved disc an exclaimed, “Well, hello there, Samantha!” “I’m Fred—pleased to meet you.”

Samantha purred and responded with a hearty, “Mawrr,” then turned, jumped down, and trotted outside.

Exhaling, Fred leaned back and said, “Huh.”


May 15, 2011. I created this image in Adobe Illustrator and then painted it in Photoshop. © 2011 Steph Abbott. All rights reserved. 



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