The Cool Car

Filled with errands, tutoring sessions, Nerf warfare, and skateboarding, our weekends roll on Mommy’s minivan. It fits everyone, holds everything, and gets decent gas mileage. A modern-day station wagon, it is the ubiquitous suburban utility vehicle.

It is also—to a family of boys—totally not cool.

“It’s a brick on wheels.” “It needs racing stripes.” “It doesn’t even have a working TV.” “Geez, mom, why did you even buy this car?!”

Today was different. We woke to a flat tire.

The boys grinned. My husband shrugged. I pointed at his muscle car.

Sunday, November 6, 2011. I’m thankful for my husband’s over-priced bucket. This is post six in the National Blog Posting Month and Thirty Days of Thanksgiving. Photo of my husband’s Charger RT taken with a Sony NEX-5N.

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