A Mindful Season

Mindful Season by Steph Abbott

Amoral reaction
Crystal clear fragments each one
Shots fired, souls lost


I wrote the haiku this morning. However, I began this digital painting in early November 2012.

My original doodle was simple. I had a vision of innocence for the winter season. I even tried to capture a memory from childhood, one of freshly falling snow. I envisioned a day trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It was a time of joy and serenity. My painting started out much bigger, with bright colors, and lots of light.

For whatever reason, I felt compelled to stop and reconsider the landscape. Was life so simple, clean, and picturesque? Was my vision simply to recreate a lost reality? I started to lose my focus.

When I returned to painting over a month later, my vision was not so clear. My memory seemed fuzzier. I felt compelled to deepen the mood. My lovely landscape became transformed.

Why did my vision change? Perhaps I was distraught after recent acts of violence and loss of life in Sandy Hook? Perhaps I was distressed from the reactions from both sides of the political aisle? How did so many people become so sanctimonious and self-righteous?

My soul tells me the reactions are simply manifestations of the human condition. From here, I can only hope our society takes a step towards enlightenment. Can we learn how to cope with our differences without the use of violence? Or is that too simple a vision?

Sunday, December 23, 2012. I doodled this image using ArtRage Pro.

2 responses to “A Mindful Season”

  1. This brings to mind a well-know story of a man who strolled along a beach and observed someone in the distance bending down, picking something up, and throwing it into the ocean. As he got closer, he saw that a recent storm had washed hundreds of starfish onto the beach where they lay dying. The man saw that a child was picking up starfish one by one and throwing them back into the ocean. After watching for awhile, the man commented, “There are so many starfish on this beach it’s not possible for you to save them all. You can’t possibly make a difference.” Smiling while continuing to toss starfish into the ocean, the child said, “I made a difference to that one.”

    Each of us can make a difference at some individual level, So, no vision is ever too simple.


    1. That is truly a wonderful parable, Ramana!


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