Month: August 2013

Shore Sighted

Windward ventures seen Bearings reset, she tacks home Swollen eyes salted ———————— Sunday, August 18, 2013. I created this picture using ArtRage 4. The haiku is simply a blink in my mind’s eye. ©2013 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.

Learning to Savor Time: A brief lesson of work-life balance

Standing still and enjoying the moment are two actions Stella has struggled with since she was a child. To pass the time, Stella kept herself busy.  She figured she could accomplish anything as long as she kept her eye on the clock. Turning from task to task was just part

August Repose

Her mind quells. Her heart slows. Her soul hums. It is almost time. ___________________________ Thursday, August 1, 2013. Exhausted from a hectic week, I created this doodle using Sketchbook Mobile on my Kindle Fire HD late in the evening with swollen hands and and bleary vision. I’m too tired to

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