Month: November 2014

Sunday Dinners

Sunday dinners can provide for lasting memories–especially when enjoyed with family. For tonight’s  dinner, we prepared an Italian style meal of braised beef short ribs, creamy polenta, and fresh crab salads. Each dish was a labor of love. As we chopped, cracked, poured, simmered, and braised the food, we shared


It’s late, and I nearly forgot to create something today. I doodled this quickly using SketchBook on my Kindle Fire HD. Good night.

Autumn Aura

Hues fade before time Shifting seasons brighten homes And thanks are given ### ©2014 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved. ____________ Friday, November 28, 2014. Inspired by the season, I doodled the image using ArtRage 3 on my iPad. I wrote the haiku for Thanksgiving, but then forgot about it.

Palatable Art

Update 11/27/2014: Let’s not consume just because we can. How about only when it is necessary? We don’t need that extra bite of pie. We don’t need that new gadget. Just a thought. It’s just a matter of taste. — May 19, 2011. I doodled this image on my iPad

Look Up

Look up. Breathe. Release. Put down the device and go Outside. Breathe. Simple. ### ©2014 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved. ___________ Wednesday, November 26, 2014. Inspired by the long weekend, I created what the sky might look like with eyes strained from squinting for too long at a mobile device.

A Pinion Salute

A crescent waxes Surface dwellers seek counsel A pinion salute ### ©2014 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved. ___________ Tuesday, November 25, 2014. Inspired by the lunar cycle this season, I created both the image and haiku, “A Pinion Salute.” (I doodled using ArtRage 3.)

Monday Moon

She waxes crescent To capture your gaze tonight A silver sliver ### ©2014 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved. ____________ Monday, November 24, 2014. So exhausted after a busy start to the work week, let me wax poetic tonight. This is my nod to the end of Monday. I’m so glad

Engaging Stories and Authors to Binge On

If you have seen my work, then you know that I am easily entertained. I create doodles, write short stories, or share personal thoughts via haiku. I tend to indulge in popular literature and culture be it written, spoken, filmed, or painted. When I read, I love the thrilling stories of political intrigue

Imagine Doodling

I love to doodle. Doodling provides me with an easy escape from a stressful daily routine. After a day filled with writing business communications, my mind relaxes to find creative ways to communicate visually. I am grateful for touch screens and graphic design and artistic software applications. Today, I found

Duck Heart Day

Offers of love, most Fowl stilled from claws meow Pond  made quackless ### ©2014 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved. ____________ Friday, November 21, 2014. Inspired by a prompt from, “A gift is left on the back porch,” The haiku and the image commemorate the day when our cat presented us

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