Honoring the Mighty Maxim

Lead by example. Stand up to bullies. Give love to hate. Speak truth to power. 

I consider maxims like these to be simple truths. I hope these truths can provide a moral compass to guide us through harrowed times. Yet I know that time rolls on and truth seems to be a matter of perspective.
Stop the Violence


Here is my post for Day 11 of #NaBloPoMo #ArtRage.

Today, I find truth listening to “Rise up” performed by Andra Day and learning about the rise of hate groups in the US from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Five years ago, I created the image for my post, “Stop the Violence.”

2 responses to “Honoring the Mighty Maxim”

  1. I agree. These maxims give us so much, even though they seem simple. They are good things to live by.


  2. Yes! Getting back to the basics like this makes it so much easier to process the big changes we are all going through.

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