Western Beheld


A state of mind. We live with an eye towards the future. We live to behold the wonders of the world. It’s a state of mind.


I wrote this brief bit in 60 seconds after seeing the word “western”. That was my one word prompt at www.oneword.com—a website designed to provide the user with a prompt to write something in 60 seconds.

This is my post for the Day 12 of #NaBloPoMo.

4 responses to “Western Beheld”

  1. That’s beautiful. Your mind works fast! I love it.


    1. Thanks, Alice. Honestly, I wasted time to backspace to correct a few typos. Once the clock started, I got nervous and made typos. I prefer the timed prompt though, because it forces me to create something fast.


  2. I’ve tried timed prompts a couple of times – a one minute prompt is a great challenge. Well done.


    1. Thanks for your comments and you patience, Alana. Please pardon my late response.


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