Strolling the Land of Dragons to #WriteBravely

Weekend road trip to California with the family? Sure. Let’s escape the heat.

California and Nevada. Image courtesy U.S. Department of the Interior-Bureau of Land Management © 1988 Department of the Interior-Geological Survey, Reston Virginia-Public Domain-Note: This particular image was found on the website of the Mount Diablo Surveyors Historic Society.

This past weekend, I traveled from the scorching desert in Las Vegas to the cool coastline near San Diego. A highlight of this trip was my stroll through LEGOLAND® California Resort. For those who live under a rock, without kids, this place is filled with virtual world of miniature cities, models, and replicas built with the famous colored plastic bricks and designed to reflect the spectacular to the mundane.

I found it to be quite surreal. And, on this particular day,  I felt like I may have entered a dreamlike state.

I walked and envisioned, “this is where I could build a castle with rooms for all my family and friends. I would include a magnificent kitchen for us to enjoy meals and drink wine. Maybe even decide that I was the best ruler in all the land and never want to leave?”

My dream continued, because why not?! I am in a place designed to foster the imagination.

“Of course, I would need a moat and a titan to protect my perfect world. And what about that smoke dragon? Perhaps I should build a wall around it all?”

After a few minutes, I remembered that I was sober and decided to leave the childish dreams (or paranoid delusions) to others and continue my stroll to check out the mini cities, landmarks, and moats on display that were made to entertain and enthuse.

What is it about those bright interlocking blocks? Alone they are boring blocks made of cheap plastic. Yet give a bucket of bricks to someone with an imaginative mind and a
reasonable block of time, and voila!, they have created a castle with a crazy king to defend and a smoke dragon to defeat.

Yes, my inner child jumped for joy while at LEGOLAND. Yes, I care that plastic is killing our planet. And, yes, I care that LEGO plans to change their brick baking recipe to a more sustainable material. See “Why Lego Is Spending Millions To Ditch Oil-Based Plastic” by Adele Peters (Fast Company, July 7, 2017) at

Copyright 2017 Steph Abbott. All rights reserved.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6. Today’s prompt was to “Feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual.” #writetribe #writingbravely #festivalofwords


5 responses to “Strolling the Land of Dragons to #WriteBravely”

  1. I would love to get my creativity into play at Legoland too. Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. So much fun! Thanks for visiting, Shalmojo!


  2. A wonderful dreamland to let loose the inner child!

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    1. So true, and thanks for visiting, Damyanti!


  3. That would be so much fun. Wow! 🙂

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