Ten Simple Lunchtime Activities to Amaze and Annoy in Downtown Las Vegas

  1. Walking outside downtown Las Vegas during the week day
  2. Looking for flowers in the desert
  3. Dodging bees when they buzz past your bright colored shirt
  4. Weaving past purposeful people and tireless tourists
  5. Circling traffic light poles waiting to cross the street
  6. Headbanging on headphones while watching tourists on the Strip
  7. Crossing the street with the lights and in the crosswalk when the traffic is clear
  8. Smiling back at people who look at you funny and laugh
  9. Finding peace of mind at the end of …
I spotted lots of seeds on lots of palm trees while out walking the other day. Photo by Steph Abbott.

©2018 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved. I snapped this photo while walking the other day. Today’s post is the first of what I hope to be daily posts during November 2018. Let’s go #NaBloPoMo18! Also, I found inspiration by these two creative prompts:

  1. “Lists help people organize their lives. Write a list of ten things that amaze you” from Mark Bialczak’s Hot Pepper Prompts. See https://cheerpeppers.wordpress.com/mark-bialczaks-hot-pepper-prompts-2/
  2. “Something Unfinished” from Grayson Queen’s Somethingist Challenge (originally for #Instagram) See https://cheerpeppers.wordpress.com/grayson-queens-somethingist-challenge/

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