Finding Steph

Dear Steph…

I love you. Your vast patience for others who carp tends to get you lost in circles. Continue to swim using your scales to weigh, measure, and cope with the fluidity of life. Lively as you can, resist the urge to eddy in the still waters. Stream through the flotsam and jetsam bobbing for your attention. Focus on the horizon and stroke with the reserved power of your creative soul.



P.S. Yes, I know you are stuck in the pond. Just keep swimming.


————–©2018 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.

About this post: I am taking part in #NaBloPoMo18 and #Create30. I captured the image of my Aunt B’s koi pond a few years back. I wrote the letter this morning using the prompt: “Write a letter to yourself a year from now. What things are happening right now that you don’t want yourself to forget?” courtesy of Hareem of the NaBloPoMo Revival group. Check out her blog at

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