Finding Gratitude

I am grateful. Peace, baby.

About this post: I am creating something every day this month. That is, until yesterday when I felt overwhelmed by so much technology. I did not have the energy to complete my personal challenge to post for Day 9 of #NaBloPoMo18 or #Create30. And today’s prompt is Day 11 Prompt: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, don’t you think?”

My post today may address both of those prompts visually.

The photos are from my a bloom-filled day touring the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas yesterday.
Day 10 prompt: “Social media has become our measure of worth. You wake up to find out society has evaluated you based on social media‚Äôs feedback. Write to tell us how your typical day is based on this new form of evaluation.
Alternative topic: is technology going too far based on that system?”

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