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My juggled thoughts.

Wait, Before you Go (Again)

Savor friends and sip of stress

Roiling for a New Day

Her eye percolates and pops.

Wait, Before You Go, #WriteBravely

Savor friends and sip of stress

Spending the Day at Del Mar #WritingBravely

  Ocean spray, Palomar air, preferred parking. Thoroughbred club, Kentucky turf, gates open.  Pearl-snap shirts, weathered jeans, shit kickers. Collared shirts, linen shorts, boat shoes. Printed tees, cowboy boots, straw hats Silk sheaths, feathered bonnets, scuffed pumps Chestnuts, at the post, down the stretch, five and a half furlongs. Claims race, blinkers on,

Day Glow Slug

To glisten before sunrise

A Bee to Full Moon

Beauty slows to find Daisy’s bright blooms, petals cooled Basking in Moon’s glow   I sketched this busy bee using Omnisketch, befor I wrote the haiku. ©2017 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.

Nest Echoes

The world withstanding, she gasps

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