Thought Spinning

My thoughts are spinning. Each with emotional images swirling, overlapping, and fracturing. I blink and exhale. My mind begins to pace my breath. My breath slows, my thoughts calm.

Tonight, I created this image using Silk Paints while thinking about the cycle of life and the promp: “Why am I doing the things I am doing right now?” This post is the eighth in what I hope to be a series of 30 posts in honor of NaBloPoMo.

Special thanks to Eliza David Lady Writer, for sharing her writing prompts for NaBloPoMo. See her list of 30 prompts at

Holiday Meal Plan Portal

Planning the holiday meal remains one of my annual aspirational goals. I dream about cooking up a wonderful meal for my ravenous den of giants. I have even sketched out a plan with dishes they would inhale. Then, out of nowhere, some freaky portal from hell opens and sucks all my culinary skills right out the kitchen.

I live in fear each year. This year, I have secured a reservation at a local restaurant. My minivan might be our bolthole. #fingerscrossed

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About this post: Several years ago I planned our meal, as the photo above will tell (from 2010). #NaBloPoMo18 #Create30 I am participating in a challenge to create daily during the month of November. This is my post for November 19. I was inspired by the writing prompt: “It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving! Share a planning tip or two for the upcoming holidays – is there a particular trick or strategy you use that helps minimize stress and keep you on track?” courtesy of Kathleen in the NaBloPoMo Revival group on Facebook. Check out her more practical post on the topic via this portal:

Mellowing Mimosa


About this post: I am taking part in #NaBloPoMo18 #Create30, #NationalStressAwarenessDay #WordlessWednesday. I created this GIF from a photo I took of this lovely mimosa plant with the harvest moon in the background.  Today’s post is inspired by the prompt for Day 7: “Describe a moment you felt at total peace” courtesy of Kathleen of the NaBloPoMo Revival group. Check out her moment of zen at

————–©2018 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.