Stella’s Visitor – Act 2


Stella sat enthralled. The flickers from the random ball of fire she found sitting on her dining room floor had finally died out. She thought it might be a good idea to call the fire department or NASA. Yet, Stella simply couldn’t bring herself to move.

She sat for hours listening to the sounds emanating from the alien rock. The pop, sizzle, pop, rat-a-tat she had heard originally upon entering the house had long since dissipated. Now, an ethereal and sonorous melody played with her imagination. Enthralled with the sounds, she lost track of time.  

Hours later she decided to call her elderly mother.

“Hi, mom. I need you to listen to this . . .” >>


Today’s post is the second chapter of the continuing saga about “Stella’s Visitor.”

I composed this post last night while watching TV in bed. I created the image using the ArtRage app on my tablet. Then then I recorded the sound effects using an app on my Android phone. I am easily entertained.

Day 1: Focus.


FOCUS. That’s the word I have chosen to guide me through life, love and laundry during the 365 days of 2011. It is also something I never saw clearly in 2010. Focus on exercise, tea, friends, love and blogging.

A FEW STRAY NOTES TO SELF. Hindsight may not always be 20/20. There is a speed of dark. See the forest.

IMAGE. Steph on Day 1. Sharpie on paper (Moleskine!). In the art journal image above, I doodled for a time with my oldest son watching closely. He curled up next to me, read yesterday’s post, and came to understand the focus of my doodling. I love you, little e!