Day Glow Slug

Nightly garden trail
To glisten before sunrise
Day glow slug to fry

Day Glow Slug by Steph Abbott

I doodled this faux black velvet painting using Omnisketch last night. I wrote the haiku this morning. ©2017 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.

Day 1: Focus.


FOCUS. That’s the word I have chosen to guide me through life, love and laundry during the 365 days of 2011. It is also something I never saw clearly in 2010. Focus on exercise, tea, friends, love and blogging.

A FEW STRAY NOTES TO SELF. Hindsight may not always be 20/20. There is a speed of dark. See the forest.

IMAGE. Steph on Day 1. Sharpie on paper (Moleskine!). In the art journal image above, I doodled for a time with my oldest son watching closely. He curled up next to me, read yesterday’s post, and came to understand the focus of my doodling. I love you, little e!