Being Optimistic

Do you find beauty where others find ugliness? Hold on, because this quote is deep…

“I demand that the world be good, and lo, it obeys. I proclaim the world good, and facts range themselves to prove my proclamation overwhelmingly true.”

-Helen Keller

The World I Live In and Optimism: A Collection of Essays

Personally, I demand for some young people to benefit from a law-related education and support Trial By Peers, a diversion court operated by the Clark County Law Foundation.








About this post:

Image: Photo of an artichoke cactus I found among along a walk in downtown Las Vegas earlier this year.

Quote (above): I chose this quote for a variety of reasons, including my experience of working (briefly) for a woman who was both deaf and blind.

Today’s post follows this prompt: “Whether it is on a teabag or in a fortune cookie, tidbits of wisdom are everywhere. What is one you have read that was worth keeping? Share it with us. #NaBloPoMo18, Day 27”

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Giving Today

Volunteering my time and sharing a smile with someone are two of my favorite activities. These are small acts of kindness, but I like to think they provide hope for those in need. There are plenty of people who are in need in my community. So, I volunteer to help a few local charities during the year.

Today, I expect to spend several hours helping hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are considered to be homeless in our community. Specifically, I will be handing out blankets to people. My simple task is only one small part of a larger group effort to provide over 1,000 blankets for the homeless. And our collective effort will have been just one grand act of kindness within an even larger collective effort to provide services to homeless people in Las Vegas today.

Perhaps you can provide an active kindness in your own community? Please consider giving today, tomorrow, or next Tuesday to a local charity. Perhaps you can find a few bucks to support a charity that serves homeless people, the elderly, the food insecure, or those with unmet legal needs? You may even find a deserving charity or two in your local community. Learn more about the national day of giving at

About this post: I am participating in a challenge to create daily during the month of November. This is my post for November 20. #NaBloPoMo18 #Create30 #GivingTuesday #clarkcountybar #communityservice