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Savory Bites to Measure

Supper planned tonight Savory bites to measure Family, pie, and wine I created the image using ArtRage and wrote this haiku. This is my post for Day #24 in #NaBloPoMo November 2016. Let’s go, #NaBloPoMo.

Sunday Blueleg

My head aches from my clenched jaw. My soul heavy from my deeply settled ire. My legs blue from my missed steps. ________ Feeling a bit out of sorts today. I overslept, then I failed to take my daily walk. Oh well.  This is my post for the Day 13

Cuffed Consciously 

Time wraps around my wrist with steps and other activity stats crouched nearby. I feel their stares. I hear their notifications. I watch their progress. They track my time, pulse, hydration, and efforts to escape exercise. I am about to fall asleep and rest assured my sleep will be monitored too.

Late Night Takes Its Toll

I spent the evening doodling and writing. Mostly doodling and not working out. #decompression #metime

Labored Visions

Seasons tempered tough Labored visions spent relaxed Seasons wiled away ©2015 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved. ____________ Monday, September 7, 2015 (Labor Day). My days are spent working. My dreams are spent by the water. I created this image and haiku this morning while day dreaming. I created the image using

Fishy Love—A Hearty Tale for Two

When life’s blood flows To capture tales reflected A cupped love grows ©2015 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved. ____________ Wednesday, June 17, 2015. I created the image “Blue Fish Heart Patch” and wrote the haiku “Fishy Love: A Hearty Tale for Two” to celebrate dual anniversaries for my own mended heart—my

Sunday Dinners

Sunday dinners can provide for lasting memories–especially when enjoyed with family. For tonight’s  dinner, we prepared an Italian style meal of braised beef short ribs, creamy polenta, and fresh crab salads. Each dish was a labor of love. As we chopped, cracked, poured, simmered, and braised the food, we shared

My Salad Days

When I hear someone reference their “salad days,” I envision a younger, successful version of that person. Or, in terms of lifetimes, I think of a bygone era of upright, suburban subdivisions filled with well-adjusted families, nice lawns, practical cars, and financial security. I might envision my own idyllic childhood. However, today I

Healing My Soul with Chocolate

Friday, November 7, 2014. I doodled this image on my iPad using #ArtRage. I found inspiration from this prompt from Writing.com: “You the healer, send positive feelings to chocolate bars to use them as medicine.” Of course, I do this every time I see chocolate. Unfortunately, I see chocolate too

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