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What am I called?

What am I called? It depends on who you are.

#WriteBravely in Pithy Love Letters to Family

…You​ ​teach​ ​me​ ​how​ ​to​ ​cope​ ​with​ ​adversity​ by ​using humor.​…

Nest Echoes

The world withstanding, she gasps

Stella’s Visitor – Act 5

“Walk with me, Stella,” purred the blue cat. “Let me share something with you.” Still grappling with the reality of a world with talking animals and no sun, Stella simply nodded and kept pace with her new azure companion as it shared with her a cautionary tale. Stella listened for hours

A Mindful Season

Amoral reaction Crystal clear fragments each one Shots fired, souls lost —– I wrote the haiku this morning. However, I began this digital painting in early November 2012. My original doodle was simple. I had a vision of innocence for the winter season. I even tried to capture a memory

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