I Wonder to Fly

I dream of flying. I envision soaring across the skies without the aid of an airplane and powered by my own sheer will. In fact, my overactive imagination wonders about this scenario far too often.

Empowered with the ability to fly, I would search land and sea for opportunities to protect and serve. I would spot the villains, fight for those less fortunate, uphold my falling bosom, measure for justice, and broker world peace.

Of course, to achieve these great feats, I would need the ultimate set of practical yet stylish amenities. A state of the art communications satellite would be disguised as a jeweled crown with matching bracelets. Those light yet sturdy metallic bracelets would be connected to a state of the art defense system. That cleverly designed system would include the latest editions of that handy lasso of revelation and sturdy shield to repel and amaze any antagonists. The package would not be complete without a smart yet commanding uniform.

My dream to fly may not be unique and perhaps derivative. And catching a flight on a major US airline may be an easier way to travel. But I continue to wonder what it would be like to command this super power, if for only one day.

About this post: I am creating something everyday this month. For Day 8, I wrote “I Wonder to Fly,” from the prompt: “If you could have a superpower, even for one day, what would it be and why?” courtesy of Lenn of the NaBloPoMo Revival group. I captured the video during a recent flight to the southwest.

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Mellowing Mimosa


About this post: I am taking part in #NaBloPoMo18 #Create30, #NationalStressAwarenessDay #WordlessWednesday. I created this GIF from a photo I took of this lovely mimosa plant with the harvest moon in the background.  Today’s post is inspired by the prompt for Day 7: “Describe a moment you felt at total peace” courtesy of Kathleen of the NaBloPoMo Revival group. Check out her moment of zen at https://www.kathleenhowell.com/nablopomo/peaceful-twilight-paddle/.

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Activities for My Perfect Day

Today, thinking for a short while and not nearly as hard as I should, I have determined for my day to be perfect it could entail certain activities. Here is my list for said day:*

  1. Waking when and where I want rather than when and where I always do
  2. Savoring a rich cup of coffee (or tea) in a lush garden
  3. Walking the neighborhood rather than running errands
  4. Reading creative tales of adventure and intrigue or writing creatively
  5. Listening to classical music played live by a full orchestra while sitting cello side
  6. Eating sardines on saltines with iced tea on the back porch on a hot summer day
  7. Watching the sun set over Lake Tahoe on a clear night in June

I’ve enjoyed all these things at one time or another. Were they all to happen on the same day, I would smile, shrug, and dream about the next perfect day.


About this post: I am taking part in #NaBloPoMo18 and #Create30. I took this photo while watching the sun set over Lake Tahoe on a clear night in June. I wrote using the prompt for Day 6: “Describe your perfect day” courtesy of Angela of the NaBloPoMo Revival group. Check out her blog at https://angelakennedy.wordpress.com/.
*This list is not inclusive to all activities or conditions to occur and make my day perfect. I could also attain spiritual enlightenment, broker world peace, feed the world, traverse the space-time continuum, discuss dialectics (but for no more than a few minutes), or binge watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (again).
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Drawer Monster Waking

My eyes flutter open to the dim lights of a strange room. I find myself lying on my back looking up at a slat of wood. Reaching out, I scratch the underside of the drawer above mine. My eyes search toward the light and my leg kicks inside my blue footie. Music plays and laughter emanates from afar. I hear their breath. My nostrils flare for savory scents. Saliva drips as my fangs emerge. I howl for food.

————–©2018 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.

About this post: I am taking part in #NaBloPoMo18 and #Create30. I doodled the image of my view from a drawer using Artrage. I wrote the using the prompt: “What is your earliest memory?” I kept to my earliest memory, though I may have embellished a bit.

Clawing Hope

What wily bittersweet wall weakens your rational heart? Look past the burning skyline constantly broadcast from that box. Find my blue mood exhausted yet clawing hope.


Clawing-Hope-cropped-by-Steph-Abbott————– ©2018 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.

About: This is my entry for day #3 for #NaBloPoMo18 and #Create30. I doodled this image “Clawing Hope” (#daddyissues) using ArtRage this afternoon, then I wrote the (overly) emotional post using two prompts:

  1. “What are you hanging on to? A belief? A person? A situation? Your past?” a prompt courtesy of DaniJane of the NaBloPoMo Revival group. Check out her blog at https://danijaneblog.wordpress.com/.
  2. “Skyline” – just that one word – using the timed, prompt from oneword™ at https://www.oneword.com/.


Sacrament, Oh!

“Look at that!” said her sister. Pointing, she looked over at the garden. “That tree is looking directly at you.” She gasped, “Oh!”
I captured this image while walking the streets of Sacramento a few weeks ago.
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About: This is my entry for day #2 for #NaBloPoMo18 and #Create30. I captured this whimsical image while walking the streets of Sacramento a few weeks ago. I wrote the post today in under 60 seconds using the timed one word prompt over at oneword™. See https://www.oneword.com/.

Planning to #Write Bravely

The doodles above are from posts I wrote back in 2010 and 2011. Looking at the level of detail in “Monday Night’s Busy Blues,” it seems I may have had my sh*t together on that day.

It’s Monday morning, and the annoying melody crescendos while Steph struggles to find her phone.

“Where is that frickin’ thing?”

Steph finds the buzzing monster buried deep in the covers by her feet.

She considers her schedule for the day, “Today, I need to workout on the elliptical machine, pack my lunch, pack my son’s lunch, take a shower, brush my teeth, get ready for work, drive to work, call ABC, do XYZ, drive home, fix dinner, clean up, do a load of laundry…”

Pausing, she thought about her plan to write bravely in the Festival of Words, a blogging challenge hosted by busy bunch of people over in Mumbai at Write Tribe.

“Ack! When am I going to find the time to draft the post for Day 4 and follow the prompt to ‘feature a day in your life or someone else’s life?'”

This is when Steph realized that she could have saved the fabulous free verse she wrote with luxurious abandon during her vacation this past weekend for today’s blog post.


Steph rolls over and falls back to sleep.

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I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6. #writetribe #writebravely #festivalofwords