The cat has poise.


Notes posted the morning after:

I doodled this on my iPad in bed last night. My son wanted me to sketch our fish tank and five fish. I wanted to follow the D’Blogala prompt “poise.” In the end, I picked the big fish that rules the tank, Clark (a girl, but that’s what my son named her). I also picked a cat, I’ll call him Mr. Wendell (in honor of a friend’s long-living buddy). My son woke up and saw the finished work. I asked him which was the cat? He pointed at Mr. Wendell. I then gave him a vocabulary lesson on cat, and that Mr. Wendell is simply a foil. My son’s only six.

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Communication Difficulties: Learning to live & cope from early childhood


It is a simple truth that I am the most difficult person I’ve ever known and for reasons only my son can truly understand. So, for the both of us, I will try my best to communicate and fulfill the following sentiments everyday…

“Life is a journey complete with starts and stops. You can survive the rough roads. You can cope with the inevitable, unplanned turns. You can choose to accept those who differ from you. You can take breaks from time to time. You are as smart as the others (if not smarter). You can focus and understand. You will make a positive impact in other people’s lives. You are loved.”

My son can build anything with incredible symmetry. I took this photo when he had just turned five years old. This was his least interesting creation that day.

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Literally Luminous: Watt a bulbous schematism for visual communications (or what happens when designing with a head cold).



With this prompt from D’Blogala, I usually would opine on the brilliance of my son’s smile or the breadth of Buddha’s wisdom. However, today I have a head cold. So, it’s now…

“Literally Luminous”



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Oh! I dream of southern-fried chocolate balls.


With the holidays just around the bend, I’ve been planning the production of plenty of chocolate balls. I’ve actually been dreaming of balls.

While the store-bought truffle is fine, I prefer the densely rolled, moist, caked-but-not-baked confection rolled in sugar, cocoa, coconut and other yummy dressings.

Of all these spherical splendors, I’m partial to the bourbon ball–especially my spherical lyricals infused with cocoa and a more than a splash of Kentucky spirits.

I have a simple, no-cook recipe that rocks the palate in almost a “southern-fried” way. With a bit of cocoa and a bite of bourbon, down a few and you’ll be singing about gravel roads, dogs and women. Hazardous to your health, my bourbon balls are best served in moderation and in accordance with the territory’s liquor laws. As such, I now only make them for special occasions (or the month of December).

Best part? They will not stale, and given the high proof, they can be stored in the freezer and noshed on throughout the year.

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