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Had a really tough day. Now trying to relax.

Today was tough. It started out great for a Monday). Then…I won’t even try to blog about it. I’m letting go of the stress and the guilt. I just need to relax. —– Sent from my iPad

The cat has poise.

Notes posted the morning after: I doodled this on my iPad in bed last night. My son wanted me to sketch our fish tank and five fish. I wanted to follow the D’Blogala prompt “poise.” In the end, I picked the big fish that rules the tank, Clark (a girl, but

Communication Difficulties: Learning to live & cope from early childhood

It is a simple truth that I am the most difficult person I’ve ever known and for reasons only my son can truly understand. So, for the both of us, I will try my best to communicate and fulfill the following sentiments everyday… “Life is a journey complete with starts

Literally Luminous: Watt a bulbous schematism for visual communications (or what happens when designing with a head cold).

“Luminous.” With this prompt from D’Blogala, I usually would opine on the brilliance of my son’s smile or the breadth of Buddha’s wisdom. However, today I have a head cold. So, it’s now… “Literally Luminous” radiating shining bright lucid aglow glowing vivid lucent brilliant resplendent luminescent emitting clear ——- Sent

Oh! I dream of southern-fried chocolate balls.

With the holidays just around the bend, I’ve been planning the production of plenty of chocolate balls. I’ve actually been dreaming of balls. While the store-bought truffle is fine, I prefer the densely rolled, moist, caked-but-not-baked confection rolled in sugar, cocoa, coconut and other yummy dressings. Of all these spherical

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