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Lunatic fringe, Man

Crazy orange man. President-to-be-man. Not normal man. Nazi-enabling man. Help us, man. I wrote this brief post in 60 seconds using oneword™, a website designed to provide the user with a timed writing prompt. While on that site, simply click “go” and one word appears with a text box. My word

Beyond Belief

Show me. You could tell me, but I need proof. Seriously. Put it right in front of my face. I believe you. But I want to see it. Now. Not tomorrow. Here and now. Proof. Thanks. Let’s go, #NaBloPoMo. P.S. The brief post above was typed in 60 seconds using

Changing musical tastes is nothing new — it’s classic.

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Thought Burst

Amorphous, her thoughts began to take shape. Shaping from what was once a guise, palatable for company, they crystalize. Crystals reflecting a dynamic star burst of colors. Colors of wisdom, reflection, and brilliance. Brilliant greens, blues, greens, yellows. She yells “oh!” upon release. Released from their form, her thoughts dissolve,

Figures Factor in Cost of Living

© 2011 Steph Abbott. All rights reserved. —- In observance of Wordless Wednesday, my post was inspired by the writing prompt from OneWord.com. I had 60 seconds to write about the word “figure.” I dumped the text and created the image on my iPad using Sketchbook Pro. Sent from my

On The Heels of One Great Thought…

All too often, on the heels of that one great thought, down comes another just to flatten the structure and delivery of the first idea. Ideas need to have room to  walk around and test their tread. Treading through the projected landscape, this great thought only wishes to adapt and succeed. Success

My Brain Mining for Meaning

Mining_for_Meaning_Mining_for_Meaning_3-5-2011.mp3 Listen on Posterous Mining for meaning, my brain is mapping. Pictures and sounds funneling through the matter. Slipping and sliding before grounding. Landing squat then standing straight, these thoughts speak up. Rousting the roots and considering their context, these baritones of banter are constantly beating for my attention. Mining

Assembled and Ready to Glide

Out of shape and fretting over funds, I purchased a ride-at-home-some-assembly-required elliptical machine. Behold—The Contraption. The kit arrived via mail-order with few—yet very specific—assembly instructions. The narrow box contained little more than a simple frame, a couple cables and a small computer. The wrappers crinkled as the project tread toward completion. Built

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