Tag: Patience

Spending the Day at Del Mar #WritingBravely

  Ocean spray, Palomar air, preferred parking. Thoroughbred club, Kentucky turf, gates open.  Pearl-snap shirts, weathered jeans, shit kickers. Collared shirts, linen shorts, boat shoes. Printed tees, cowboy boots, straw hats Silk sheaths, feathered bonnets, scuffed pumps Chestnuts, at the post, down the stretch, five and a half furlongs. Claims race, blinkers on,

My Twelve Minute Brain

Each day, I follow a certain schedule. Change is infrequent, but I am flexible and only to a point. My patience has limits. In fact, there is a specific window of time before my patience has met its limit—twelve minutes. Twelve minutes is about as long as I can wait

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