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Campaign Contrived, Segment of Voters See Red

A segment of voters are seeing red after realizing a contrived campaign may have been made by a major political candidate. The alleged controversy seems to involve the natural effects of a solar eclipse. The eclipse has passed, yet the candidate continues to distract voters. See below for a summary

Dangerous Modifier

One day in November, she picked up where she left off. Offline for too long, she steps on board for #NaBloPoMo again. A gain for the month of November, she plans to share short stories. Stories of love, life, and liberty. ________ Tuesday, November 1, 2016. I wrote my first

Ode to an Early Winter

Shhh! Here it comes Leaves rattling, timbers yawning Temperamental sentries Shrugged, ready to listen As whispers get louder Ooh! Did you feel that? Flakes landing here atop Hills braced for impact Bearded, ready for slumber As shoulders get shrouded Brrr! Are you ready? Grounds shivering, warmth waning Time waits but

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