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Steph Abbott Says features visual communications and dramatic observations on life, love, and liberty. I post my perceptions along with creative images, audio, video. Unless otherwise noted, all the text and creative work belong to me. My imagination is translated as graphic arts onto my iPad or laptop using any one of the following software: ArtRage, Sketchbook Pro, TypeDrawing, OmniSketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sumo Paint. At times I art journal using paper, pens, pencils, or art crayons. Steph Abbott Says is my personal space to express my own thoughts and opinions. The opinions expressed here are mine and do not represent those of my employer. © 2011-2020 Steph Abbott Says/Stephanie Abbott - All Rights Reserved.

Ravioli Dreams of Nonna

Mostly, I remember that Nonna couldn’t speak–Italian or English. Her vocal chords were irreversibly damaged as a young child. Yet the spoken word wasn’t necessary for her to be understood and endeared.

Let me–Oh, Pine!

Nature is my balm.

Nightly Stella Mightly

Tonight, before brushing her teeth and going to sleep, Stella might:

Losing Time

I miss you.

Being Optimistic

Do you find beauty where others find ugliness?

Wait, Before you Go (Again)

Savor friends and sip of stress

Let it Go

Does your mind, heart, and soul move in concert to make your world dance on its axis? Or does your mind take over? Grasping to lead you towards an assumed position? Distracting you with each dip, lunge, sashe, twirl, kick, ball, and step? Tilting your axis only to wobble your

Still Window Shopping

She strolled the congested streets of her cluttered memory.

Surviving Family

Each member infusing life for us to accept, appreciate and love.

Living Life Thankfully

Thankfully, my hearth and heart are full.

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