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One day in November, she picked up where she left off. Offline for too long, she steps on board for #NaBloPoMo again. A gain for the month of November, she plans to share short stories. Stories of love, life, and liberty.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016. I wrote my first lines for the first day of National Blog Posting Month (#NaBloPoMo) and created this image using Art Rage.

A Familiar Meow

Familiar Meow ©Steph Abbott 2014
Familiar Meow ©Steph Abbott 2014

Darkness creeps below
Whiskered valley fore cock crow
Spirits lift aglow

©2014 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.

Saturday, November 1, 2014. Here is my first post as part of the National Blog Posting Month challenge. For me, it will be a challenge to post every day of the month. Fingers-crossed, folks. Inspired by Halloween and the turning of the seasons, I created the image of the witch’s familiar using Art Rage 4 software. Thinking of the day after Halloween as All Saints Day, I then wrote the corresponding haiku, Familiar Meow.

She Bites

© 2012 Steph Abbott. All rights reserved.

Hallowed eve alight
Fangs fall in hunger, she bites
Sanguine thirst tonight

Tuesday, October 23, 2012. This haiku and doodle were inspired by the coming Halloween and my passion for classic (and not so classic) horror films. I created the doodle using Art Rage Studio Pro. © Steph Abbott. All rights reserved.