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Autumn Aura

Hues fade before time Shifting seasons brighten homes And thanks are given ### ©2014 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved. ____________ Friday, November 28, 2014. Inspired by the season, I doodled the image using ArtRage 3 on my iPad. I wrote the haiku for Thanksgiving, but then forgot about it.

Mission Impossible: A night op to fight teen angst

It was early evening. I was on a mission to help fight teen angst. I decided to start in a place rarely seen by the afflicted—the bookstore. Armed with cash and dressed for combat, I jumped in the car. Objective: books. Field of battle: a bookstore. Motive: to enlighten a

Finding My Voice is Like Finding a Four-Leaf Clover

My voice hides as quickly as my thoughts spread. Then just as I find a unique thought, my impetuous tongue grabs up the surrounding crap and lets it all skip, slide, and skitter out past the gum line. The resulting statements are a jumbled mess with the unique thought lost

Galaxy Born

Galaxy born, our surrounding dark matter comforts the dark side of our humanity. We prefer the visible 10 percent of the truth and validate the unknown 90 percent as we find pleasing. — Today’s post was inspired by the writing prompt from OneWord.com. I had 60 seconds to write about

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