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Ravioli Dreams of Nonna

Mostly, I remember that Nonna couldn’t speak–Italian or English. Her vocal chords were irreversibly damaged as a young child. Yet the spoken word wasn’t necessary for her to be understood and endeared.

Living Life Thankfully

Thankfully, my hearth and heart are full.

Treading to Gobble Thanks


Pass the Plate

It’s been a long weekend. I’m tuckered out. And I’m not too late to make my brief post for Day #27 of the #NaBloPoMo challenge to create each day throughout November. 

Savory Bites to Measure

Supper planned tonight Savory bites to measure Family, pie, and wine I created the image using ArtRage and wrote this haiku. This is my post for Day #24 in #NaBloPoMo November 2016. Let’s go, #NaBloPoMo.

When the birds flock south for the dinner…

Like many families, I used to love the tradition of the extended family flocking to one house for the annual feast. Since all the kids and cousins have flown the coop and have families of our own, the tradition of the big gathering has gone the way of birds. That

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