“Huh,” I mumbled after finishing the book. “That was good but odd. The ending…”

My mind tumbled through the storyline again.

It revolves around two brothers. One good. One bad. Bad childhood. Traumatic event. Psychological damage to both. Bad brother has unresolved issues. Young maiden enters the picture. Bad brother does bad things. Good brother confronts his past in a more socially acceptable manner.

Basically, it is a well-crafted thriller. However, something about the book continued to bother me. I started to mumble again.

Keepsake is a good thriller. The storyline was believable. The author developed her characters and used a few plot devices. My interest was at it’s peak, I want to read more.”

I then picked up the book again.


Thursday, August 18, 2011. Today’s post was inspired by NaBloPoMo‘s prompt, “What was the last book you read?” The book was Keepsake by Shannon Novelo. I created the image on my iPad using ArtRage. ©2011. Steph Abbott. All rights reserved.