Angela Inspires Inception: Steph’s Attempt to Herd Cats


The day after Halloween. The day before Election Day. November 1 is Inception Day for my personal adventure into posting daily. I struggle with composition. Words swirl in between my ears. I struggle to place them in the correct order as they dodge my efforts to spit them out. They jump tense doing loops around ideas and decisions. Today, thanks to a bit of inspiration from a friend, I’ll start to quell this fracas. Please join me in my quest to regularly populate this page. (you can pick up the rss at

This year, I’ll post regularly in my what I’m calling, “Trial Month of Graphic Art Posts” (TriMoGraPo). It’s not really a national trend or group, but let’s just say TriMoGraPo is a personal homage. An homage to those daring doodlers and busy bloggers who sketch, pen and tap their way through each day for a month.

Some writers actually try to draft a novel in 30 days during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Some quick wits simply blog, blog, blog during National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) Alternatively, there is National Blog Writing Month (NaBloWriMo). I have to admit a special affinity for those fancy-penned flirts that art journal during National Journaling Month (NaNoJouMo)

Each year I follow a few of these ambitious folks and revel in their expression and fortitude. Those daily dreamers are many and it may take about a week before I settle on a select few to follow regularly. What compels them to post regularly? Why did they share that item with the whole world?

Perhaps I’ll find out.

This year I’m going to stop lurking about and join the fray. How? I’ll opine, rant, draw, and design my way. I used to love to art journal. However I don’t have the patience for paper I once had. I’ve gravitated to digital media. As such, my posts will be mainly digital originals.

My posts will more closely follow NaNoJouMo and Dawn DeVries Sokol’s site, d’blogala at She will offer a word of inspiration each day. Today’s word? Inception. If I still uninspired, I may seek out the prompt from the folks at NaBloPoMo. 

For those that love art journaling, check out some amazing images in Flickr’s group pool, NaNoJouMo.

TriMoGraPo has been inspired by today’s post on blogspot California to Sicily. Thanks for Thirty Days of Thanksgiving, Angela!

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