Time flys


Friday, November 18, 2011. Though it seems to fly by faster than the beginning of the week, I am thankful for the end of the week. I doodled this image from bed while on my iPad using Flowpaper and PhotoWizard.

Zen Pizza: Considering a Balance in Energy


Zen Pizza: Considering a Balance in Energy

Considering pizza and salad, my body ingests a semi-healthy, savory, sweet and salty buffet. Considering my waistline, my mind realizes I must attain a healthy balance.

Unfortunately, my weakness lies with pizza and diet soda. Making my mouth water, a classic, greasy, cheesy pie satisfies me from my roots to my crown. Unfortunately, it also blocks my energy flow.

Pairing a slice with a diet cola, I am ready to sit at the computer all night long! Unfortunately, this habit has wreaked havoc with my circadian rhythms and endocrine system. Go figure.

Now I am considering ways to pass this indigestion of imbalance. Now I am considering pesto pizza and diet cola.

Following The Free Dictionary’s word of the day, “ingest,” I find my self considering pizzas and chakras. I created this image in Sketchbook Pro on my iPad, and of course, posted this via e-mail directly from my iPad.