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Galaxy Born

Galaxy born, our surrounding dark matter comforts the dark side of our humanity. We prefer the visible 10 percent of the truth and validate the unknown 90 percent as we find pleasing. — Today’s post was inspired by the writing prompt from OneWord.com. I had 60 seconds to write about

April is no fool; she’s a lamb!

April is no fool; she’s a lamb! —- I sketched this image in OmniSketch on my iPad. © 2011 Steph Abbott. All rights reserved. Sent from my iPad

My Brain Mining for Meaning

Mining_for_Meaning_Mining_for_Meaning_3-5-2011.mp3 Listen on Posterous Mining for meaning, my brain is mapping. Pictures and sounds funneling through the matter. Slipping and sliding before grounding. Landing squat then standing straight, these thoughts speak up. Rousting the roots and considering their context, these baritones of banter are constantly beating for my attention. Mining

I see the world in pictures. My eyes love the stop-motion animated short, “Left-brained Larry & Right-brained Rachel.”

Left-brained Larry & Right-brained Rachel from Niels Michael Wee on Vimeo. I love this movie! I see the world in pictures. My vision often blurs from the miasma of still and motion pictures. Luckily, on the weekends, my brain takes a break and goes to the movies. This particular weekend, I

My Lacuna

My Lacuna Ever mining thoughts Aural effects distracting Comes a rift, a blink, a tic, a TOC Expressive branches deserting In tell, Gents An unseasonal reason For My Lacuna — My Lacuna by Steph Abbott. Finger drawn (Fall 2010) in Sketchbook Pro and TypeDrawing on my iPad. Composed on a

Communication Difficulties: Learning to live & cope from early childhood

It is a simple truth that I am the most difficult person I’ve ever known and for reasons only my son can truly understand. So, for the both of us, I will try my best to communicate and fulfill the following sentiments everyday… “Life is a journey complete with starts

“Oh, Tomatoes!”

One of my worst nightmares came to fruition this week. I couldn’t speak. It was if my brain turned to mush like a ripe tomato where the skin looks okay but add a little pressure and the once firm, chambered sweetness simply collapses into unrecognizable pulp.  This may not sound too

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