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Morning Fowl

Before the rancid yolk hit the sizzling surface, I cringed from the foul smell.

I Wonder to Fly

My dream to fly may not be unique and perhaps derivative.

Mellowing Mimosa


Activities for My Perfect Day

I’ve enjoyed all these things at one time or another. Were they all to happen on the same day, I would smile, shrug, and dream about the next perfect day.

Drawer Monster Waking

Reaching out, I scratch the underside of the drawer above mine.

Clawing Hope

What wily bittersweet wall weakens your rational heart?

Sacrament, Oh!

“Look at that!”

Planning to #Write Bravely

Steph finds the buzzing monster buried deep in the covers by her feet.

Winter Bunny Sleighs

Fall Desert Swirls

  Now that the weather has chilled the desert, I will have to imagine the heat swirls. I doodled this using ArtRage on my Kindle Fire for Day #29 of the #NaBloPoMo challenge to create each day throughout November. 

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