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Lunatic fringe, Man

Crazy orange man. President-to-be-man. Not normal man. Nazi-enabling man. Help us, man. I wrote this brief post in 60 seconds using oneword™, a website designed to provide the user with a timed writing prompt. While on that site, simply click “go” and one word appears with a text box. My word

Stella’s Visitor – Act 5

“Walk with me, Stella,” purred the blue cat. “Let me share something with you.” Still grappling with the reality of a world with talking animals and no sun, Stella simply nodded and kept pace with her new azure companion as it shared with her a cautionary tale. Stella listened for hours

Stella’s Visitor – Act 4

Stella had fallen asleep. She was laying on the floor in the moonlight. She didn’t realize it, but she was also curled next to the meteorite that had mysteriously broke through her dining room window earlier in the day. Breathing softly, Stella dreamed of vast flowing landscape. She saw hills

Stella’s Visitor – Act 3

“Seriously, mom. I think this thing is a meteorite, and it’s sounds like it is singing.” “Well, Stella, sounds to me like you’ve got a mess,” countered her homebound 81-year-old mother. “Well, mom, it does look wet. And I think it is starting to stink,” replied Stella as she leaned

Stella’s Visitor – Act 2

Stella sat enthralled. The flickers from the random ball of fire she found sitting on her dining room floor had finally died out. She thought it might be a good idea to call the fire department or NASA. Yet, Stella simply couldn’t bring herself to move. She sat for hours

Stella’s Visitor – Act 1

Stepping into the house, Stella heard strange noises.  And they were not emanating from the grate of the garage door or the rumble of the air conditioner.  Grasping the edge of the door, she gently slid her key out of the lock and quickly pocketed it.  She stood still in

Western Beheld

A state of mind. We live with an eye towards the future. We live to behold the wonders of the world. It’s a state of mind. ______________________ I wrote this brief bit in 60 seconds after seeing the word “western”. That was my one word prompt at http://www.oneword.com—a website designed

Center Shift Tricolon

The center has shifted. Many souls are annoyed. Life will continue to flow. _________________________________________________ My post for day #10 of #NaBloPoMo. Not great. Too late. Canned steak. #tricolon or #badpoetry & #ArtRage. Yes, I’m tired.

Siren Says Swim

‘There once was a siren at sea Who said, ‘I doth call out to thee Drawing you from the shore Just for my fins to adore Only for us to swim in fish pee I wrote this limerick today after watching the movie “Jaws” and considering the word prompt, “Relish,” from

Beyond Belief

Show me. You could tell me, but I need proof. Seriously. Put it right in front of my face. I believe you. But I want to see it. Now. Not tomorrow. Here and now. Proof. Thanks. Let’s go, #NaBloPoMo. P.S. The brief post above was typed in 60 seconds using

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