Found: Prompt Drawer

Junk drawer
Just another place to find a writing prompt.

Looking for a writing prompt, I found my desk in disarray. Odd items seemed to be lying in wait: a lanyard, a roll of nickels, a tube of hand cream, a disk cleaner, a tie, a plastic starfish, a digital voice recorder, a button, and a cough drop.

Each item was used this week. Used either at home or the office, I found each necessary to perform a task. No longer needed, these things were not put back.

Is this how junk drawers are created? I’ve always wondered.

Looking for a drawer, I found a writing prompt.
Friday, February 8, 2013. My doodle and ditty was inspired by a writing prompt found on I created the doodle using Xara Designer Pro X. Usually an Adobe gal, I’ve never really used this funky British design software. It is quite fun to use. Although, I’m going to need to practice quite a bit more.

2 responses to “Found: Prompt Drawer”

  1. Intriguing what a tie was doing in the drawer!


    1. A piece of my son’s uniform dropped on my desk.


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