Finding Gratitude

I am grateful. Peace, baby.

About this post: I am creating something every day this month. That is, until yesterday when I felt overwhelmed by so much technology. I did not have the energy to complete my personal challenge to post for Day 9 of #NaBloPoMo18 or #Create30. And today’s prompt is Day 11 Prompt: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, don’t you think?”

My post today may address both of those prompts visually.

The photos are from my a bloom-filled day touring the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas yesterday.
Day 10 prompt: “Social media has become our measure of worth. You wake up to find out society has evaluated you based on social media’s feedback. Write to tell us how your typical day is based on this new form of evaluation.
Alternative topic: is technology going too far based on that system?”

Honoring the Mighty Maxim

Lead by example. Stand up to bullies. Give love to hate. Speak truth to power. 

I consider maxims like these to be simple truths. I hope these truths can provide a moral compass to guide us through harrowed times. Yet I know that time rolls on and truth seems to be a matter of perspective.
Stop the Violence


Here is my post for Day 11 of #NaBloPoMo #ArtRage.

Today, I find truth listening to “Rise up” performed by Andra Day and learning about the rise of hate groups in the US from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Five years ago, I created the image for my post, “Stop the Violence.”

Siren Says Swim


‘There once was a siren at sea
Who said, ‘I doth call out to thee
Drawing you from the shore
Just for my fins to adore
Only for us to swim in fish pee

I wrote this limerick today after watching the movie “Jaws” and considering the word prompt, “Relish,” from The Daily Post. I doodled the image of the mermaid two years ago for my post, “Mid-Week Mermaid.”


Sun Sets Seasoned

©2015 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.
Tree Fall by Steph Abbott

The sun sets seasoned
from curled husks detached alight
Gusts grieving morrow

©2015 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.
Sunday, October 4, 2015. I wrote this haiku and created the image “Tree Fall” while listening to cellist Gautier Capucon play Antonín Dvořák – Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104, B. 191 (via YouTube at This movement reminds me of when the season starts to change from summer to fall (but summer doesn’t want to leave).

A Love in the Dark

© Steph Abbott Super Blood Moon

Revolving around
She blushes, bereaved tonight
Briefly beguiled

©2015 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.

Sunday, September 27, 2015 (Total Lunar Eclipse). I wrote this haiku and  created the image using ArtRage 4 while envisioning tonight’s sky and listening to Bonnie Tyler sing the song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” written by Jim Steinman.

For Peaceful Mindsets

For Peaceful Mindsets by Steph Abbott.
For Peaceful Mindsets by Steph Abbott.

Tensions release to
Day’s bright for hope not bloodshed
For peaceful mindsets

©2015 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.
Monday, September 21, 2015 (International Day of Peace). Let us find common ground to build a place for peace. I created the image (using ArtRage 4) and wrote this haiku while daydreaming of a place for peace.

Fishy Love—A Hearty Tale for Two

©2015 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.
©2015 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.

When life’s blood flows
To capture tales reflected
A cupped love grows

©2015 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015. I created the image “Blue Fish Heart Patch” and wrote the haiku “Fishy Love: A Hearty Tale for Two” to celebrate dual anniversaries for my own mended heart—my open heart surgery and my marriage. I created the image with ArtRage 4.

Sunday Dinners

Sunday dinners can provide for lasting memories–especially when enjoyed with family. For tonight’s  dinner, we prepared an Italian style meal of braised beef short ribs, creamy polenta, and fresh crab salads. Each dish was a labor of love. As we chopped, cracked, poured, simmered, and braised the food, we shared fantastic tales of childhood drama and intrigue. I felt so blessed to enjoy such a special meal.











This is the the last post for the challenge to post daily during National Blog Posting Month, otherwise known as NaBloPoMo.

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Duck Heart Day

20141120-230455.jpgOffers of love, most

Fowl stilled from claws meow

Pond  made quackless


©2014 Stephanie Abbott. All rights reserved.
Friday, November 21, 2014. Inspired by a prompt from, “A gift is left on the back porch,” The haiku and the image commemorate the day when our cat presented us with a morsel from his prey. It was only the heart from a duck and a few feathers. Since we could find no carcass, we figured he must have devoured his meal elsewhere. Our cat was a good hunter, and he loved us. I created the image using ArtRage 3 and Photo Wizard on my iPad.